Alex Halka

Composer, Visual Artist & Dj.


Alex Halka is Romanian interdisciplinary artist who covers a variety of crossover musical territories, from techno to contemporary art installations & theatre.

Main focus: interactive Audiovisual Installations, Techno, Theatre Music and Multimedia Performances.

His aesthetic combines raw granular textures, dark punk vibes and psychedelic layers of vintage synths. He discovered and fell in love with Techno while searching for a new aesthetic dimension to his theatre compositions & audiovisual art.

He composed the original soundtracks for more than 30 theatre productions, being featured on magazines like ​Electronic Beats Romania​​, f​eeder sound​​ &​ ​​. Hi​s work covers different territories like: Audio-Visual Art Performances, Art Exhibitions, ​Live-Sets (​Clujotronic Festival 2014-2016​, ​Arad Open Ai​r​, Electroruga, Embargo Fest)​ and music written for ​Documentary Film​.


Professional Experience


“Aural Skin” mk2-  Interactive Audio Visual Installation that represents my journey from sound to image and finally to object (Embroidery & Fluorescent Laser painting).  The Art Museum of Arad Romania.

“Nemaivazut”- Laser & Sound Performance. Produced by kinema ikon Arad

“Ecourile Linistii”- Sound Installation. Exhibition organised by Metaspatiu & Tempini Timisoara.

“Aural Skin” mk1- Digital interactive painting, Project produced by Meta Spatiu at Galeria Calpe Timisoara.



Music// “Prostia Omeneasca”- directed by Simona Vintila. Teatrul German de Stat Timisoara.

Music// “Capra cu trei iezi” directed by Simona Vintila. Teatrul Gong Sibiu


“Ridichea Uriasa” directed by Simona Vintila. Teatrul Gong Sibiu.

-Music//​ ​Sprechen​ ​Sie​ ​Schweigen?​ ​Vorbiti​ ​Tacere?//​ ​Directed​ ​by​ ​​Gianina​ ​Cărbunariu​//​ ​Set​ ​& costumes​ ​design:​ ​​Mihai​ ​Păcurar​ ​​//​ ​National​ ​Theatre​ ​Radu​ ​Stanca,​ ​Sibiu-Romania//

-Live​ ​Performance//​ ​Bubblegum​ ​Land//​ ​by​ ​Olga Török & Silvia Török// Bega​ ​Bulevard​ ​Timisoara//

-Audio​ ​installation//​ ​Baroque||Urban//​ ​​The​ ​Art​ ​museum​ ​of​ ​Timisoara​​ ​//



-Music// Documentary: Sălbăticia din Carpați, bogăție pentru oameni// directed by Cristian Ilea// World Wildlife Fund Romania//

-Audiovisual set// Clujotronic 2016// Developed and performed by Vlaicu Golcea, Alex Halka and Kiritan Flux// The German Cultural Center of Cluj-Napoca//

-Music// Vârful Aisbergului// Directed by Theodor-Cristian Popescu// Set & costumes design: Cosmin Ardeleanu// Theatre Ioan Slavici Arad//



-Original Music// Hotel Europa// Directed by Andrei Raicu// Set & costumes design: Mihaela Popescu și Livia Vișănescu// National Theatre Bucharest

-Original Music//EA E BĂIAT BUN directed by Eugen Jebeleanu// Set & costumes design: Velica Panduru// produced by Compania28, ColectivA Cluj, Uma Ed Bucureşti, Festivalul Temps d’Images Cluj//

-Music// Alice// Directed by Eugen Jebeleanu// Set & costumes design: Velica Panduru// Gong Theater Sibiu//

Live performance// “Padurea Hoia” // Video: KIRITAN FLUX// Clujotronic – Electro Arts Festival// The German Cultural Center of Cluj-Napoca//

-Original Music// ”HOTEL” by Eugen Jebeleanu// Set & costumes design: Velica Panduru// coproduction Teatrul Unteatru‏ Bucharest, Compagnie 28 and ColectivA Cluj

-Audio-Video installation// Reconstruction with Art// Model & Initiative by Olga Török//  Video: KIRITAN FLUX// The German Cultural Center of Timisoara partnership with The Art museum of Timisoara



-Live performance// As dark as possible// Video: KIRITAN FLUX// Clujotronic – Electro Arts Festival// The German Cultural Center of Cluj-Napoca//

-Music// DER KOMET// Justine del Corte// Directed by: Radu-Alexandru Nica// Choreography: Florin Fieroiu// Set & Costume design: Cristian Rusu// Light design: Lucian Moga// Teatrul Regina Maria Oradea//



-Music// RETOX// Eugen Jebeleanu// Directed by: Eugen Jebeleanu// Set & costumes design: Velica Panduru// Video design: Cinty Ionescu// Compagnie 28 Paris & Unteatru Bucharest//

-Music collaboration with Vlaicu Golcea// Iaacovi si Leidental// Hanoch Levin// Directed by: Andrei Raicu// Scenography: Andrei Raicu and Cătălin Manea// Choreography: Andreea Belu// The Bucharest National University of Arts „Ion Luca Caragiale” //

-Music// Alice in Wonderland// Charles Lutwidge Dodgson// Directed by: Simona Vintilă// Stage and Costume Design: Diana Dobra// Theatre Ioan Slavici Arad//

-Soundtrack// Romeo and Juliet// William Shakespeare// International Production// Folkwang University Essen Germany//

-Music// Human Animals// Mihai Vântu // Directed by: Iulian Gliţa// Costume Design: Răzvan Ciobanu// A production of the Tabu Theatre Bucharest//

-Music// Titus Andronicus// William Shakespear// Directed by: Brian Michaels// Stage and Costume Design: Ioana Smara Popescu// German State Theatre Timişoara//



-Music Assistance//  Music: Vlaicu Golcea// Tiganiada// Dramatization: Radu Macrinici// Directed by: Sorin Militaru// Stage and Costume design: Alina Herescu// Theatre Regina Maria Oradea//

-Music// One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest// Ken Kesey// Directed by: Ingrid Bonţa and Iulian Gliţa// Penitentiary Rahova București//

-Music// Storytelling Festival- Opening Song// Coordinator: Georgiana Elena Popan//Melodie deschidere Festival// Arad Marionette Theatre//

-Soundtrack// Domnul Kolpert// David Gieselmann// Directed by: Radu Nica// Stage and Costume Design: Ioana Smara Popescu// Theatre Sică Alexandrescu Braşov//

-Music// Dorothy și Umbra ei în Tara lui OZ// Directed by: Simona Vintila//Stage Design: Onisim Colta// Costume Design: Indre Colta// Theatre Ioan Slavici Arad//



-Music// Fetița cu chibrituri// Hans Christian Andersen// Directed by: Simona Vintila// Costume Design: Diana Dobra// Independent, in the studio of the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre Timişoara//

-Music// Richard al III-lea// William Shakespeare// Directed by: Ingrid Bonţa and Iulian Gliţa// Penitentiary Rahova Bucharest//



-Music// La Société décadente// Performance// Directed by: Ingrid Bonţa// Choreography: Iulian Gliţa// Costume Design: Liana Dumitru// Control Club Bucharest//

-Music// Invizible Man// H.G. Wells adaptation// Directed by: Alex Halka// Stage and Costume Design: Ioana Smara Popescu// German State Theatre Timişoara//



-Music// The Maids// Jean Genet// Artistic Coordination: Ioana Iacob si Olga Török// Stage and Costume Design: Ioana Smara Popescu// German State Theatre Timişoara//


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